Writing Workshop "Wortstatt Heilbronn at the HHN

Heilbronn University and the Literaturhaus Heilbronn are offering a literary writing workshop as part of the Studium Generale this summer semester. The event is for students and staff of all disciplines who would like to facilitate the linguistic discovery of their own and other people's language and life worlds.

Our life worlds are continuous discoveries into the diverse. How am I in these realities everyday life or not? Who is present in which way, when and where? Is there only one or several, even parallel alldays (in me)? Perhaps it is exclusively fragments that determine our life worlds. Before, behind, in between and in the middle of it a me. Whoever that may be. I in the dialogue of a possible we. A kaleidoscope of perspectives. How much biography does a "gem:einsames" I contain? Who co-writes when I write and what does "autofictional" writing mean?

The writing workshop Ich meine D:ich is a special offer of the HHN and the Literaturhaus Heilbronn within the project Wortstatt Heilbronn im Dialog, which wants to give students the opportunity to discover themselves as authors. The goal of the project and the workshop is to enable young people of all backgrounds to experience their language as a versatile instrument and to experience the joy of experimenting with it. This means that participants who have no experience with literature or whose native language is not German are also welcome.

The workshop will be led by the multi-award-winning (including the Böll Prize 2021) poet, translator, and essayist José F. A. Oliver, who has nearly two decades of experience leading language and writing workshops in schools and other educational institutions, inspiring people of diverse backgrounds to use language.

Oliver, who was also involved in the concept of the Wortstatt Heilbronn im Dialog project, is of Andalusian origin and was born in Hausach in 1961 as the son of Spanish immigrant workers. Throughout his work and his workshops there is a play with multilingualism and interculturality that is always able to open up new perspectives and ways of thinking.

The event will be held on Saturdays April 09, 23, and 30 from 10:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. at Bildungscampus in room S.1.40. Registration is possible until the start of the course.

"For the Literaturhaus Heilbronn, the cooperation is an ideal opportunity to come into contact with young people from other disciplines and other worlds and to broaden horizons through language and literature," says Literaturhaus director Dr. Anton Philipp Knittel, looking forward to the exchange.

José F. A. Oliver