Proofreading service for internationals

You are an international student and are currently writing a bachelor's thesis, term paper or project? German is not your native language and therefore you are unsure about grammar and spelling? You would like to have someone proofread your work?

Then contact Nadine Thamm. She now offers a proofreading service for international students.

Whether final paper or seminar paper
The proofreading service will help you to check and correct your document.

Spelling, grammar and punctuation
Proofreading basically includes a correction of spelling, punctuation (period, comma, hyphen, etc.) and grammar (declension, conjugation, tenses, etc.). Of course, no feedback can be given on questions of content.

Support "On-Demand
If you are interested in this offer, send an email to

In your message, specify the nature and scope of your work to be corrected. Contact us in good time so that the upcoming correction can be scheduled.