Mensa: Adjustments to the buffet pricing of the Heidelberg Student Union

Whether it's fuel, food or other goods, we are currently experiencing price increases in almost all areas for a number of reasons. For a very long time, the Studierendenwerk Heidelberg has not increased prices. Unfortunately, it has now also been forced to adjust the buffet prices in its catering facilities.

There are several reasons why the Studierendenwerk had to decide to do this: "The reasons for our adjustments are, in addition to the omitted price increases of the past, in particular our wage and salary costs, which have risen sharply in recent years, the current increase in raw material prices that we are experiencing in purchasing, and last but not least the increased energy prices that our facilities are facing. The price adjustments are simply unavoidable for the above reasons and they do not yet result in cost recovery - we continue to subsidize our customers." (Excerpt from the official announcement from Studierendenwerk Heidelberg).

Overview of buffet price adjustment (valid from 01 April 2022)

New prices from 01 April per 100 g:

  • Students: 0.92 cents
  • Staff: 1,20 Euro
  • Guests: 1,94 Euro

Current prices until 01 April per 100 g:

  • Students: 0.84 cents
  • Staff: 0.94 cents
  • Guests: 1,53 Euro