Trolli: "Marathon" and "Relay" will not take place

To our dismay, we learned yesterday that the organizers of the Trollinger Marathon have decided not to offer the discipline "Marathon" and "Relay" this year. All HHN members who have registered for this discipline were informed by mail and have the opportunity to re-register for the half distance.

Heilbronn Marketing GmbH (HMG) explains why the marathon distance and relay cannot take place as follows: "Even though just over 2,000 runners from the region and beyond are already eagerly awaiting the date of May 8, 2022 and are diligently training, it is currently challenging to find volunteer helpers for route safety and refreshment points at the clubs and in the municipalities in the city and district of Heilbronn. At the same time, the number of registrations, currently 221 marathon runners and 6 relay teams, has so far fallen well short of expectations. In addition, we receive daily cancellations or re-registrations due to training shortfalls." The idea of running the half-marathon course twice was rejected, as it is assumed that this is simply not attractive for the runners.

The decision was not easy for HMG and the organizer. However, it is still important for them to mention that this decision was only made for the "transition year 2022". In 2023 one wants to be able to offer with great hope also again the 42 km distance.