Ukraine: Help and receive help

Peace and freedom, these are the foundations of every dignified existence. Without peace and freedom there is no rise of nations, no happiness, no peace for mankind.
- Konrad Adenauer

Meanwhile, a week has passed since Russian President Putin launched the war of aggression against Ukraine in violation of international law. Many people in Ukraine are fleeing, but also many people are staying to defend their country. Like Heilbronn University, we speak out against Putin's war and advocate for peace. This war does not only affect Ukraine, it affects all of us. We want to help and try to support where we can. Below we want to give you an overview where you can get help and also show you how you can help.

Where to get help at HHN

War is a burden. Not only people who are directly confronted with it. No matter if your home is in the war zone, if you feel connected to Ukraine through family ties or if you feel affected in any other way - if you need support, you will get it. Even if you just want to talk about it.

The International Office has been providing very concrete assistance to anyone who contacts them since Day 1 of the war.

If you need assistance, Mrs. Heller (Head of the International Office) will help you.

You can reach Ms. Heller at 07131/504262 or by e-mail:

In case you feel the need to talk about the events or need counseling, the psychosocial counseling service of the Studierendenwerk Heidelberg is available to you.

Mr. Volker Kreß

The university chaplains also have an open ear for you and try to support you as best they can.

For HN:

  • Pastor Christine Marschall (Protestant)

  • Pastoral Officer Cornelia Reus (Catholic)

For KÜN and SHA:

How you can help

The willingness to help is enormous. But not all help is helpful. So that you know what kind of help is needed, we have put together an overview for you here.

Cash donations have the advantage that they can be used in a more targeted manner. As a matter of principle, donations are always made to the donation accounts of large, well-known aid organizations, such as e.g. Aktion Deutschland Hilft or to relief organizations, such as Caritas, Diaconia or to the German Red Cross referred.

In principle, caution is always advised with monetary donations, as there are also many fraudsters. Therefore, the German Central Institute for Social Issues has compiled further trustworthy donation accounts.

Since the need is not foreseeable at the moment, the city of Heilbronn asks for the time being to refrain from donations in kind. However, there are private organizations* in and around Heilbronn that accept donations in kind:

  • The Bil family with Ukrainian roots in Neckarsulm accepts donations for Ukrainians* in need. The collection point is located at Lautenbacher Straße 51 in Neckarsulm-Amorbach.
  • In Satteldorf (SHA district), a Russian family has opened a base for humanitarian aid. Donations in kind can be dropped off here every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 5 to 7 p.m. at Industriestrasse 8 in Satteldorf. Food and medicine are particularly needed.
  • In Heilbronn, the Ukrainian community is collecting donations in kind. Especially blood donations, medical products, food and hygiene articles are needed. Anastasia Kosak is the contact person at 0176-738 927 18 or by mail to to reach.
  • In Öhringen, donations in kind can be reported to the District Office, Office for Order and Immigration:


There is an urgent need for free accommodation for the refugees in the region. It is appealed to the citizens to provide accommodation, which is not needed at the moment.

Helpers are always needed. Whether in Heilbronn or in the Hohenlohe district. Anyone who would like to get involved can contact the following offices.