Innovations for parking at Bildungscampus

As of March 01, 2022, there are new changes to parking at BC. We know that you were unhappy about the introduction of parking fees. We are all the more pleased that there is a concession in this regard by introducing a flexible parking tariff. In addition, the parking areas have been expanded to increase parking capacity.

10 days flexible ticket

With the introduction of the new parking tariff "10 days flexible ticket"you get more flexibility. This ticket is valid for the public parking areas Bildungscampus Ost (students) and Mitte (employees) and costs 18 € for you students and 25,00 € for employees. This corresponds to a daily price of 1,80 € or 2,50 € for employees. In comparison: A regular day ticket costs 3,00 €.

With this ticket you get a total of 10 discounted day tickets. These are valid for one year from the date of purchase.

With the ticket you can go in and out during the day as often as you want between 6 am and 3 am. After that, the night tariff applies for € 3.00 per hour.

You can easily book the ticket with your valid CampusCard via the PaymentPortal.

  • The ticket is valid for one year from the date of purchase. Day tickets not used during this period expire and cannot be transferred or refunded.
  • If a 10-day flexible ticket and a 30-day ticket are booked on the CampusCard, the 30-day parking ticket automatically takes effect first.
  • The ticket is not valid for the experimenta parking garage.
  • A subsequent change or cancellation is currently not possible.
  • The ticket is not automatically extended. However, you will receive a notice by mail shortly before expiration.

Parking garage experimenta as additional parking space

In order to expand parking capacities, the experimenta parking garage will also be available to you as an additional parking area from March 1, 2022. There you can park with your CampusCard at the same rates as in the public parking areas Bildungscampus Ost (students) and Mitte (employees). However, the new 10-day flexible ticket is not available here.

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