General Studies: Program for SoSe 2022

The General Studies program for the summer semester 2022 goes live on February 21, 2022 online and the registration starts on March 07, 2022. No matter if you are a first-year student or already in your main course of study: There are interesting offers for all students!

The current program and the rules of the game can be found at the following link:

What is General Studies?

Improve your personal skills through the area of 'Personal Excellence & Culture': more effective learning, improvement of linguistic or written expression skills or career orientation and time management are just some of the diverse offers around studies and for the career entry.

But also a look at the areas of 'Ethics and Sustainability', 'Politics, Economy and Society', or 'Languages' is worthwhile. You can prepare yourself optimally for the semester abroad with language courses, for example. You also want to score with exceptional knowledge when applying for an internship? Then attend the courses 'Excel VBA Programming' or 'Communication and Conflict Management'.

You want more from your studies? You want to look beyond the horizon of your field of study? Then find out about the General Studies certificate. With the certificate you have a competitive advantage over your competitors when choosing your future career.

If you have any questions, Nadine Klimek ( gladly at your disposal.