Heating allowance for BaföG recipients

It is no longer a secret that energy prices have risen sharply. This is accompanied by the fact that heating costs have also skyrocketed. For many households, this means a higher bill, even though no more was consumed, and thus also a significantly higher financial burden. Therefore the cabinet decided, on initiative of the Federal Ministry for Education, on 02 February that not only housing subsidy receivers*innen are to receive a heating cost subsidy, but that a subsidy is entitled also to training and studying. This applies to those who receive BAföG or, in the case of Aufstiegs-BAföG (AFBG), a maintenance contribution.

It is not yet clear exactly when the subsidy will be paid out, as the law has not yet come into force. So far there has only been a decision from the federal cabinet, and the Bundestag still has to approve it. This is expected to happen on June 01, 2022. However, it is clear that the heating allowance is to be a one-off lump sum of €115.

Of course, the decision also raises a number of questions: Who exactly will receive the grant? And how should the grant be paid out? What needs to be taken into account? Do applications have to be submitted? What requirements must be met for payment?

These and many other questions are answered in the FAQ of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

Source: https://www.bmbf.de/bmbf/shareddocs/faq/2022_heizkostenzuschuss.html