FameLab 2022

Out of the lab and onto the stage!

FameLab is THE global science communication competition that has been held in Germany every year since 2011. Under the motto "Talking Science," FameLab brings scientists on stage in over 20 countries.

Every year, impressive young scientists take to the stage at the FameLab regional finals throughout Germany. The best two participants from each of the preliminary rounds then take part in the big FameLab Germany final in Bielefeld, where they compete for the chance to represent Germany at the international FameLab final.

The difficulty here is that the participants have only three minutes to explain their complex research content to a lay audience and must dispense with common aids such as diagrams or PowerPoint presentations. The presentation should be easy to understand and contain the right amount of science and wit. Props to support this scientific stage performance are allowed! Anything that can be worn on the body may be used - there are no limits to creativity!

What else is there at FameLab besides Fame?

In addition to prize money of €300, the winner can expect to participate in a renowned communication and media training course offered by the National Institute for Science Communication (NaWik). This year, NaWik is also sponsoring a voucher for a #WissKomm seminar from its extensive in-house range worth €275. As a winner, you also qualify to take part in the FameLab Germany finals in Bielefeld and have the chance to participate in the international finals.

  1. Prize: 300 € + communication and media training + #WissKomm seminar from the offer of the National Institute for Science Communication (NaWik) worth 275€ + participation in FameLab Germany: final in Bielefeld
  2. Prize: €200 + communication and media training + participation in FameLab Germany: final in Bielefeld
    The winner of FameLab Germany will take part in the international final.

The regional decision in Karlsruhe: When and where?

In four regional decisions, the candidates compete for a place in the FameLab Germany final. Karlsruhe is the venue for the FameLab Baden-Württemberg regional decision. The local organizer is the Science Office of the City of Karlsruhe.

You want to take on this challenge? Then remember the March 30, 2022 ahead! At the Kulturzentrum Tollhaus Karlsruhe, the scientific showdown will take place on this day, for which you can register.

What's the point?

FameLab gives you the opportunity to give your field of research just the right amount of publicity. The media presence and success of the FameLabbers is remarkable: The winners of the last years are invited to (professional) events, panel discussions and workshops even after FameLab, among others also to the TEDx series.