Become a youth guide at memorial sites

Memorials are places where history happened. They are places of remembrance and historical learning, but also places of democracy building and political debate, places of research and digital education, places of research and encounter, and last but not least, places of diversity.

Are you interested in the history of National Socialism and Jewish life? Then become a youth guide at memorial sites!

Youth guides make an important contribution to the pedagogical-didactic work at memorial sites in Baden-Württemberg. In accordance with the concept of "Young people leading young people," youth guides will again be trained for work at memorial sites in the 2021/22 school year. The training will take place in cooperation with the working group for youth and outreach work of the Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft der Gedenkstätten und Gedenkstätteninitiativen Baden-Württemberg (LAGG).

Registration until January 16, 2021 by mail to:

Memorial in our region

Affaltrach synagogue

The synagogue was inaugurated on November 28, 1851 with a festive program by the entire Affaltrach community and numerous guests from church and public life.

It is one of the few synagogues that combines all the rooms that are important for the cultic and daily life of a Jewish community: worship room, school room, meeting room, ritual immersion bath and teacher's apartment.

During the Night of Broken Glass on November 9-10, 1938, foreign delegations of the SA and NSDAP desecrated and vandalized the furnishings of the prayer room; at the same time, the furniture of the two rooms on the first floor, where the Jewish Bogdanow family lived, was completely destroyed.

Today the building is a museum and belongs to the district of Heilbronn. It took over the misappropriated house from the Obersulm municipality in 1986, saved it from decay and restored it according to the old plans.

The "Freundeskreis ehemalige Synagoge Affaltrach e.V." (Friends of the former Affaltrach Synagogue) had given the impetus to save the building and is responsible for the educational work and events in the museum.