Theater in the Science Dome

After its celebrated premiere at this year's Science & Theatre Festival, the play "Black Swans" returns to the stage of experimenta's Science Dome. Performances are scheduled for December 18, 2021, January 16 and 27, 2022, and February 3, 2022, in compliance with legal requirements.

Following its world premiere on November 17, 2021, directed by Elias Perrig, the play "Black Swans" now returns to the Science Dome for six more dates. It stars Lisa Schwarzer and Regina Speiseder. The dome of the Science Dome takes on the third main role as a gigantic and changeable projection surface for the video animations by Franziska Nyffeler.

Robot takes command
In this impressive play, two sisters are confronted with the question of how they want to care for their mother, who is in need of nursing care. While the older sister is in favor of a home, the younger sister brings her mother in and rearranges her entire life for her. The task quickly overwhelms the younger sister, so the older one finally provides her with the seemingly perfect care robot. The only catch is that the robot named Rosie seems to be taking over more and more of the family. Thus, a dystopian story takes its course, which grows out of a seemingly ordinary situation. So the question arises: Will Artificial Intelligence help us or will it one day be able to dominate us? But the multi-layered production also sheds light on the role of women in society, how we deal with aging, and asks again and again: Who bears the responsibility and why?

"Black Swans" by Christina Kettering is the winning play of the first author competition Science & Theatre of the Year 2019, which the Theater Heilbronn and the Science Center experimenta had announced on the topic of "The Optimized Man".

Observe current information
The play will run at experimenta until the beginning of February 2022. Performances will take place on November 26, 2021, December 5 and 18, 2021, January 16 and 27, 2022, and February 3, 2022, each at 8:00 pm in experimenta's Science Dome. Due to the current situation, tickets can only be purchased 14 days before the respective performance date in experimenta's online ticket store. The valid legal requirements apply for the visit, which are updated daily on the website are available. Further information is also available by phone: 07131 887 95-0 or by e-mail: