Vac­ci­na­tion cam­paign: We for vaccinating

Fourth wave inci­dence rates remain high and inten­sive care units are full in most regions. The only pro­tec­tion and long-term way out of the pan­dem­ic is vaccination.

There­fore, we are pleased to offer you a vac­ci­na­tion against the Sars-Cov­‑2 virus at HHN. Under the mot­to “We for vac­ci­nat­ing”, first, sec­ond and (boost­er) vac­ci­na­tions are car­ried out.

Vac­ci­nat­ed with Bion­tech or Mod­er­na on the Fri­day, Decem­ber 17, 2021 from 6:00 p.m. at the Son­theim Cam­pus. with the sup­port of the fam­i­ly prac­tice Obereise­sheim. The exact room will be announced at the time of book­ing. Book­ing is pos­si­ble for all uni­ver­si­ty members. 

Please note: a (boost­er) vac­ci­na­tion can be giv­en to any­one whose last vac­ci­na­tion was at least three months here is.

Please bring the fol­low­ing for vaccination:

  • an iden­ti­ty card
  • the health insur­ance card (if available)
  • the vac­ci­na­tion card
  • The RKI infor­ma­tion sheet and con­sent form.

Par­tic­i­pa­tion in the vac­ci­na­tion cam­paign is vol­un­tary and an offer from us to you. The dates will be announced after the First-Come-First-Serve Prin­ci­ple provided.

Please note all oth­er infor­ma­tion that fol­lows in the appoint­ment con­fir­ma­tion. Please refrain from ask­ing us any ques­tions apart from the book­ing process. Vac­ci­na­tion edu­ca­tion and med­ical care will be pro­vid­ed exclu­sive­ly on-site by the vac­ci­na­tion team of the Obereise­sheim fam­i­ly practice.

We look for­ward to many book­ings and immu­niza­tions to con­tin­ue to main­tain safe uni­ver­si­ty operations.