Spectacular destinations in Germany

Rakotz Bridge, Saxony

The exams are over and the long-awaited summer vacation is just around the corner. But where should you go? Abroad or would you rather stay in your home country?

During the pandemic period it is difficult to plan the vacation. There are many factors that influence the decision or planning, as well as various unknowns, such as: What are the pandemic regulations in the vacation destination? What do I have to consider when entering and leaving the country? Will my destination be classified as a high risk area during my stay? ... These various unknowns naturally cause uncertainty among vacationers, which is why many still decide not to book a vacation abroad and to stay in Germany. But what to do in Germany?

Well watch out, Germany also has some spectacular destinations to offer. To see a unique national park, you don't necessarily have to travel to America or Slovenia. Impressive lakes and dreamy landscapes can also be found in Germany. Whether it's an adventurous hiking tour through Saxon Switzerland or relaxing at the picturesque Eibsee lake in Bavaria - TK has the right destination. Don't believe it? Then read the complete article and be impressed by the beauty of German nature.

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