Learn­ing out­doors — how to be pro­duc­tive in the sun

Sum­mer is here — and instead of sit­ting in your stuffy shared room, you’re drawn to the coun­try­side? Learn­ing out­side in the fresh air and sun­shine is def­i­nite­ly pos­si­ble. How­ev­er, there are a few things you should keep in mind to be real­ly pro­duc­tive there. Here are five tips for study­ing in the sun.

Find a shady place
Although it may seem tempt­ing to soak up as many of the sun’s rays as pos­si­ble, don’t sit in the blaz­ing sun. Instead, find a place in par­tial shade. Espe­cial­ly if you have your lap­top or tablet with you, you won’t be annoyed by the con­stant reflec­tions. Still, don’t for­get to put on sun­screen before study­ing so you don’t get sun­burned, and pack a pair of sunglasses.

Take the appro­pri­ate task with you
Not all col­lege assign­ments are so easy to take out­side. If you need eight dif­fer­ent books to write your essay, you don’t nec­es­sar­i­ly want to lug them all to the park. If you have your own gar­den or bal­cony, that might be dif­fer­ent. Read­ing assign­ments, sum­maries, or writ­ing index cards, for exam­ple, are espe­cial­ly good for work­ing in the sun.

Keep a to-do list
Since you may not be able or will­ing to take all your doc­u­ments or lap­top with you, you should def­i­nite­ly keep a to-do list while study­ing out­doors. That way, you won’t for­get to catch up on the miss­ing steps lat­er. You can also jot down new ideas or ques­tions imme­di­ate­ly and research them lat­er at your desk.

Do not for­get the pro­vi­sions
Since you won’t be a short dis­tance from the fridge as usu­al, you should plan ahead: Be sure to take enough water with you and remem­ber a snack. You can then for­ti­fy your­self dur­ing your well-deserved break.

Keep an eye on the time
If it gets too cozy on the pic­nic blan­ket, it’s easy to for­get that you actu­al­ly went out­side to work. Always keep an eye on the time and divide the learn­ing steps. You can also set your­self a spe­cif­ic dead­line like “when I fin­ish read­ing chap­ter XY, I’ll close the book and can relax”. This way you won’t lose sight of your learn­ing goals and can enjoy the good weath­er with­out a guilty conscience.

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