Learning outdoors - how to be productive in the sun

Summer is here - and instead of sitting in your stuffy shared room, you're drawn to the countryside? Learning outside in the fresh air and sunshine is definitely possible. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind to be really productive there. Here are five tips for studying in the sun.

Find a shady place
Although it may seem tempting to soak up as many of the sun's rays as possible, don't sit in the blazing sun. Instead, find a place in partial shade. Especially if you have your laptop or tablet with you, you won't be annoyed by the constant reflections. Still, don't forget to put on sunscreen before studying so you don't get sunburned, and pack a pair of sunglasses.

Take the appropriate task with you
Not all college assignments are so easy to take outside. If you need eight different books to write your essay, you don't necessarily want to lug them all to the park. If you have your own garden or balcony, that might be different. Reading assignments, summaries, or writing index cards, for example, are especially good for working in the sun.

Keep a to-do list
Since you may not be able or willing to take all your documents or laptop with you, you should definitely keep a to-do list while studying outdoors. That way, you won't forget to catch up on the missing steps later. You can also jot down new ideas or questions immediately and research them later at your desk.

Do not forget the provisions
Since you won't be a short distance from the fridge as usual, you should plan ahead: Be sure to take enough water with you and remember a snack. You can then fortify yourself during your well-deserved break.

Keep an eye on the time
If it gets too cozy on the picnic blanket, it's easy to forget that you actually went outside to work. Always keep an eye on the time and divide the learning steps. You can also set yourself a specific deadline like "when I finish reading chapter XY, I'll close the book and can relax". This way you won't lose sight of your learning goals and can enjoy the good weather without a guilty conscience.

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