Cam­pus­Card at Bil­dungscam­pus: One-time reg­is­tra­tion required as of July 1

In order to be able to offer “one card for every­thing” in the future, a num­ber of inno­va­tions have been made behind the sys­tem scenes. as of July 1, 2021 real­ized. From this point on, all sys­tems, upgraders and machines on the Bil­dungscam­pus are con­vert­ed and are ful­ly avail­able to you again.

What’s new? The dig­i­tal user account for the Pay­ment­Por­tal.
The Cam­pus­Card can now be man­aged online via the dig­i­tal user account in the Pay­ment­Por­tal. Here, for exam­ple, trans­ac­tions can be viewed, receipts down­loaded, or the Cam­pus­Card topped up with cred­it online.

How does it work? — One-time reg­is­tra­tion required:
All Cam­pus­Card users will auto­mat­i­cal­ly receive an e‑mail with a reg­is­tra­tion link.

Please note: If you have not received a Cam­pus­Card reg­is­tra­tion email by the end of June, please check your uni­ver­si­ty email account inbox — despite any for­ward­ing that may have been set up.

The most impor­tant steps for you at a glance:

  • Receive or request email with reg­is­tra­tion link.
  • Reg­is­ter on the Pay­ment­Por­tal and acti­vate user account.
  • Val­i­date Cam­pus­Card on site and load cred­it online.
  • Full use of the Pay­ment­Por­tal and Cam­pus­Card as of July 1